Join the 1937 Academy course

The 1937 Academy is now fully up and running and the original historic premises contribute to a very special atmosphere. We are delighted that our dedicated attendance leaves our courses with useful and inspirational knowledge and a lot of renewed energy for their continued work. The 1937 Academy is for those of you who work professionally as a barber or hairdresser and wants to keep updated on the latest hair trends, get inspiration for your salon and give your customers the extraordinary experience..

We look forward to returning to the 1937 Academy.
— Soul of Hair, Hellerup
No doubt we went happy and expectant for a - almost enchanting - look and learn course at the four hairdressers, and we went even happier from there with a lovely feeling of having experienced 2 hours with 4 wonderful masters, whose main task was to give 12 hair profeccionals access to contemporary men’s fashion.
— Jean Leonard, København
Very exciting and educational.
— Lynnerup ▪ Lindell, Ålborg

The Basic course


Get men’s universe inspiration with 1937's “The Basic course”.

A classic fade is an important part of the everyday work in the barbershop, and if the beard is unstructured, it is important to know how to trim and cut it. If you want to make your male customers even more dependent on you, it's important that you master both.

At the 1937 Academy, we now offer the perfect opportunity for those who want to be sharp on men's grooming. With this combined “Look and Learn" / "Hands On" course you will have the opportunity to optimize your techniques for men's haircut and beard customization. The 3 hours provide you with a lot of theory, as well as practical knowledge to take back to your men’s customers.
We start with a demo and then you have to work on a model, with us as supervisors, so you can become even better. On the demo you will see and be explained the techniques that are within the fade and how to cut and straighten a beard, be it a long hipster beard or a groomed dense full beard. We explain the importance of tools and show how to shave with a razor.
Next it will your turn to work on what you have just been shown. We will be there, step by step, to guide you through the various techniques so that you finish better equipped and motivated for your everyday life with the male customers.

We must not underestimate our male customers in the salon! If we treat them as deserved, they will be very loyal. It is extremely important that you are ready for them and that is why we have a maximum of 5 students at a time on this course.

When // Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm.
Where // 1937 Academy, Vognmagergade 9, 1120 Copenhagen.
Cost // DKK 2.000 ex. VAT.
Who // a maximum of 5 participants per course.
What // Your own tools and cutting machines, as well as your own model with a beard. How // Book on phone 5389 1937 or at


Look & Learn course


Get exclusive insights into a unique business with 1937's Look & Learn course.

We all have male customers. Working exclusively with men's cut and shaving requires persistence and passion. With that, the Barber in Vognmagergade has since 2007 endeavored to meet men's high desires for the perfect hairstyle.

The Look & Learn course gives you a unique insight into the barber's everyday life and why the small details make the big difference. We crack the code for the perfect fade as well as beard shaving and cutting techniques.

Male customers are the most loyal and you can make yourself even more indispensable by attending our courses.

When // every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm.
Where // 1937 Academy, Vognmagergade 9, 1120 Copenhagen.
Cost // DKK 500 kroner ex. VAT.
Who // There are a maximum of 20 participants per course.
How // Book on phone 5389 1937 or at