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The Vognmagergade Barbershop recently launched a series of products from aftershave and hair, to shaving accessories that embody modern masculinity.

1937 is a series of hair and body care products and a celebration of the modern man.

The origin of the brand is the legendary shop in Vognmagergade, which has kept up the barber tradition for Danish men since 1937.


The art of masculinity

For me, good design articulates pleasure in our everyday life and makes us appreciate it. In this sense, Scandinavian designers and Japanese designers have similarities. We both have the ability to find beauty in the ordinary and translate this into simple yet distinct forms like 1937.
— Masashi Kajita
Modern masculinity!
It’s all about being yourself, about boots and unbuttoned shirts!
— Martin
— The barbershop opened in Copenhagen in 1937. The Danish shaving and grooming tradition, developed by generations of devoted masters of the profession, is kept alive by our dedicated barbers. This creates an authentic barbershop experience and makes it the most popular shave and cut in Copenhagen