Aftershave balm and beard oil while growing your beard

The aftershave balm is important if you do a clean shave or the beard is quite short and the combination of pro-vitamin B5 and glycerin in the balm ensures to moisturize the skin – especially during the cold winter months.

The skin can be irritated and itchy which results in being a bit red, while the beard continues growing. A balm is used when the beard is still short and when it grows slightly longer, approx. one centimeter, you’ll switch from using the balm to the beard oil. With its different texture (grape seed oil and Vitamin E), oil tames unruly facial hair and lays down it in one direction and calm it afterwards. Again, the oil is moisturizing and gives a lot of shine to it, so it doesn’t dry out.

Using the balm while the beard is growing longer, you will end up having a bit of white texture in the beard because you can’t really get it out of it. That’s why you should switch to beard oil when it grows longer than one centimeter.

Another benefit of the oil is its transparency. You can apply it on the jaw for defining the line. If you use shaving cream instead to define the jawline, you are not able to see the it as the cream is white and foamy. Using the oil makes it way easier to put the final touches on the line above the jawlines.