Two facts to consider before growing a beard

In 2017, a styled beard remains as mandatory as a neat hairstyle. Many guys try out this extended trend and we have literally seen as abounding styles as they come.

So to speak, there are two basic but nonetheless very important fundamentals you should consider before growing your beard.

First, start out with identifying your face shape. You should be aware of the shape as a style that looks sleek on a guy with a square face won’t necessarily benefit a round face in quite the same way. XX provides a great guide to define the shape. Knowing your face shape will help you determine what beard styles will help you look your best.

The second thing you should consider is that facial hair differs to your head hair in terms of thickness and texture. Generally, beards are coarser and curlier than the head hair (androgenic hair) however this varies strongly from man to man.

Consider the shape of your face as well as the texture of the hair before doing a shave. Cause it’s all about the face when you represent yourself.

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Oliver Jacob trimming a beard