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Barberen i Vognmagergade

VOGNMAGERGADE 9 • 1120 KØBENHAVN K • TEL: 33 12 63 43

MONDAY 09-19
TUE–FRI 08–19
LUNCHBREAK 13-14 (except Saturday)



The property where the Barbershop is located was built in two steps. The first part, Gutenberghus, in 1914 - the extension, where the barbershop is located, in 1936. Before that time there were several old houses in a very dense area on the premises. In one of these houses, in the basement next to Vognmagergade, was a barbershop, whose owner was named Poulsen (the original sign is hanging in the current barbershop). As the Egmont H. Petersen Fund acquires the grounds to build the current Gutenberghus, these houses are demolished.

The property where "Filmhuset" is located was the first Gutenberghus (built-in 1914). At that time the director was named I.C. Petersen, and he was shaved at barber Poulsen in the basement. In the new building, shops are being set up throughout the ground floor - all these stores are owned and operated by Gutenberghus. Director I.C. Petersen insists that a barbershop should be set up in the new property.


The first manager of the barbershop was named Kaj Ratsack Due. In the spring of 1940, he was given a young, newly-trained apprentice, Mogens Christensen. Kaj Ratsack Due retired relatively quickly, after which a new manager whose name is not known was hired. However, he also leaves his position after a short time. Gutenberghus now asks Mogens Christensen to take over the post as manager in 1944. During the war, the windows out to Vognmagergade were blinded so that you could not look into the business. Mogens Christensen was active in the resistance movement, and 1951 Gutenberghus sells all the shops to the respective managers so that Mogens Christensen becomes independent barber this year. He develops to become a very skilled and respected professional who helps raise the skill and service level in the barber profession.

Mogens Christensen trained and employed some of the first women in the men's hairdressing profession in Denmark. It was very new. So new that several of the Copenhagen newspapers wrote about it. September 1966 Niels Clemmensen is hired as an assistant in the barbershop, where he works with Mogens Christensen plus a varying number of hairdressers - female as well as male. In 1986 Niels Clemmensen took over the business, and he owns the shop until the 1st of June 2007, whish is the date the current owner Jonas Shiran Larsen takes over the business.